EW Trials

This year, CardTitan.com is proud to announce that stores all across North America will have the chance to take part in the 2017 NA Eternal Weekend by running Eternal Weekend Trials for their local player base.

Running Your Trial

EW Trials are open to all players and award byes for the appropriate Championship event (Legacy Trials award byes for the NA Legacy Championship while Vintage Trials award byes for the NA Vintage Championship), plus whatever prizes you'd like to add for your players.

EW Trials must be sanctioned Legacy or Vintage Swiss events with a cut to Top 8 (if 9 or more players). Winners are awarded with a 1-Round bye to the appropriate Championship event. Awarded byes are cumulative up to 2 so if a player wins 2 Trials, they'll receive a 2-Round bye.

CardTitan does not charge anything for a store or Tournament Organizer to run their own EW Trial, however we also do not provide any materials (such as playmats) or advertising, outside of being listed on the EW Trials Calender below. Tournament Organizers are responsible for their own advertising and logistics, including the staffing of Magic Judges etc.

The current Trial season runs from July 1st to September 30th. If you are interested in running your own EW Trial, please send an email to events@cardtitan.com with the sujbect "EW Trial". Please include the following information in your email.

Tournament Organizers will need to send us the winner's information, as well as the final standings and Top 8 decklists. Details on how to submit that information will be provided via email.

EW Trials Event Calendar

EW Trial Winners


2017 Legacy Championship Trial Winners

Phillip Kwan 1 GP Milwaukee 2016 12/9/2016
Nathaniel Becker 1 GP Milwaukee 2016 12/10/2016
James Hammes 1 GP Milwaukee 2016 12/11/2016
Shawn French 1 Star City Games - Roanoke, VA 4/8/2017
Andrew Wright 1 Win Condition Games - Kennesaw, GA 4/16/2017
Stefan Gimmillaro 1 VS Games - San Francisco, CA 4/16/2017
Mark Evans 1 Get Some Game - Charlotte, NC 4/29/2017
Jacob Burch 1 Valhalla's Gate - Columbia, MO 4/29/2017
Patrick Pearce 1 Hi De Ho Comics - Huntington Beach, CA 5/13/2017
Omar Beldon 1 Hairy Tarantula - ON, Canada 6/3/2017
Jason Snider 1 Break From Reality - Johnstown, CO 6/4/2017
John Kendal 1 Anime Imports - Pacifica, CA 6/4/2017
Charles Hagaman 1 The Geekery HQ - Astoria, NY 6/10/2017
Max Goddard 1 Knight Ware Inc - Studio City, CA 6/11/2017
Corey Faibish 1 Cardboard Classics - ON, Canada 6/24/2017
Austin Baker 1 Valhalla's Gate - Columbia, MO 6/24/2017
Samuel Cunningham 1 Taitan Game Shop - Hopewell, PA 7/17/2017


2017 Vintage Championship Trial Winners

Matt Slack 1 GP Milwaukee 2016 12/10/2016
Jason Jaco 1 MTGCardMarket - Chicago, IL 2/25/2017
Nicholas Dijohn 1 Alternate Worlds - Hunt Valley, MD 5/21/2017
David Fleischmann-Rose 1 The Comic Book Store - Glassboro, NJ 6/10/2017
Steve Walsh 1 BC Comix - Battle Creek, MI 6/10/2017
Mike Rogers 1 RIW Hobbies - Livonia, MI 7/15/2017
James Vogel 1 Knight Ware Inc - Studio City, CA 7/16/2017