EW Trials

Expand Your Eternal Weekend Experience

The 2018 NA Eternal Weekend Trial Series offer players the opportunity to earn up to 2 byes at the 2018 NA Vintage and Legacy Championship, along with additional prizes (determined by event organizer), all at their local game store!

We are currently accepting requests for Season 2, which runs from July 1st through October 22nd. Store have the opportunity to schedule up to 3 Trials during this season.

Running A Trial

EW Trials are open to all players and award byes for the appropriate Championship event (Legacy Trials award byes for the NA Legacy Championship while Vintage Trials award byes for the NA Vintage Championship), plus whatever prizes you'd like to add for your players.

EW Trials must be sanctioned Legacy or Vintage Swiss events with a cut to Top 8 (if 9 or more players). Winners are awarded with a 1-Round bye to the appropriate Championship event. Awarded byes are cumulative up to 2 so if a player wins 2 Trials, they'll receive a 2-Round bye. Trials are to be run at a competitive REL, must include decklists, and are to be run with at least a level 1 Magic Judge. A previously scheduled sanctioned event, such as a GPT, PPTQ or FNM, cannot also be ran as an EW Trial.

The current Trial season runs from March 9th to June 30th. If you are interested in running your own EW Trial, please send an email to events@cardtitan.com with the sujbect "EW Trial". Please include the following information in your email.

Event organizers will need to send us the winner's information, as well as the final standings and Top 8 decklists. That information will be submitted via Google Forms and instructions on how to do so will be sent via email.

The cost to run an EW Trial is $50 ($75 for Canadian locations due to the added shipping costs). In addition to having your store added to the EW Trial calendar on this website, along with a tweet advertising your event, this fee includes an EW Trial Kit (which will be mailed to you approximately a week prior to the event). The kit includes the following:

 - Instructions on how to run and report your event.
 - An envelope with a special letter for the winner.
 - Some Card Titan pens and scorepads for your players.
 - One random playmat from a previous Eternal Weekend as seen below.


2018 NA Eternal Weekend Trial Calendar


2018 NA Legacy Championship Trials

3/10/2018 Moonbase Market (St. Louis, MO) John Hamilton
3/18/2018 Goblin Traders (Irontown, OH) Brian Worthington
3/31/2018 The Island Games (Centreville, VA) Derek Heinbach
4/8/2018 Jacksonville Game Center (Jacksonville, FL) Sam Kahla
4/14/2018 The Hairy Tarantula (ON, Canada) Matthew Dilks
4/15/2018 SportsCards Etc (Canonsburg, PA) Jeffrey (Conor) Stone
4/28/2018 Taitan Game Shop (Aliquippa, PA) Dave Ketterer
5/6/2018 Jacksonville Game Center (Jacksonville, FL) Minh Nguyen
5/11/2018 SportsCards Etc (Canonsburg, PA) Franklin Fulks
5/12/2018 Top Deck Games (Westmont, NJ) Adam Schorr
5/13/2018 The Time Capsule (Hopewell, VA) Eric Debrosky
5/13/2018 Goblin Traders (Irontown, OH) Christopher Ward
5/19/2018 Gamers Sanctuary (Flint, MI) Robert Gaydos
5/26/2018 Taitan Game Shop (Aliquippa, PA) Brian Coval
5/26/2018 Gamers Grove (Huntsville, TX) Scooter Osborne
6/3/2018 Jacksonville Game Center (Jacksonville, FL) Sam Kahla
6/9/2018 Mr. Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) Toby Finsley
6/15/2018 Origins Rich Shay
6/16/2018 Gamers Grove (Huntsville, TX) Jeffrey Chen
6/16/2018 Taitan Game Shop (Aliquippa, PA) Ryan Blamick
6/23/2018 Eternal Games (Warren, MI) Benji Liu
6/23/2018 The Hairy Tarantula (ON, Canada) Matthew Dilks
6/23/2018 Lavendar Charity Weekend (Danville, IN) Chris Berry
6/24/2018 Lavendar Charity Weekend (Danville, IN) Joshua Armstrong
6/30/2018 US Nationals Bradley Tinney
6/30/2018 SportsCards Etc (Canonsburg, PA) Derrick Dent
6/30/2018 Play or Draw (Avondale, AZ) Thomas Kauffman
7/1/2018 US Nationals Christopher Hug
7/1/2018 US Nationals Amin Ebady
7/14/2018 Scott's Collectibles (Kannapolis, NC) Bill Schlichting
7/15/2018 Snapcasters Gaming (Phoenix, AZ) Tony Murata
7/15/2018 Jacksonville Game Center (Jacksonville, FL) Nikola Ayala
7/22/2018 Hollow Mountain Games (East Lansing, MI) Michael Antrim
7/28/2018 Cardboard Classics (ON, Canada) Edward Chatwood
7/29/2018 Titan's Vault (AB, Canada) Jordan Laporte
8/4/2018 Taitan Game Shop (Aliquippa, PA) Kelsey Steele
8/4/2018 The Hairy Tarantula (ON, Canada) Edward Chatwood
8/5/2018 Jacksonville Game Center (Jacksonville, FL) Phillip Brunswick
8/5/2018 Reality Shift Games (Narragansett, RI) Justin Gennari
8/11/2018 Mr. Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) Alex Byers
8/18/2018 Eternal Games (Warren, MI) Michael Antrim
8/18/2018 Fantasy Games (South Bend, IN) Andrew Fiedler
8/18/2018 Scott's Collectibles (Kannapolis, NC) Richard Johnson
9/15/2018 Taitan Game Shop (Aliquippa, PA) Matt Keller


2018 NA Vintage Championship Trials

3/25/2018 Madness Comics & Games (Denton, TX) Jon Hammack
4/15/2018 Alternate Worlds (Hunt Valley, MD) Nicholas DiJohn
4/15/2018 Madness Comics & Games (Denton, TX) Jared Lentz
6/3/18 Madness Comics & Games (Denton, TX) Alex Kibner
6/23/2018 Lavendar Charity Weekend (Danville, IN) John Knerr
6/24/2018 Lavendar Charity Weekend (Danville, IN) Steve Walsh
6/24/2018 Alternate Worlds (Hunt Valley, MD) Michael Scheffenacker
6/30/2018 Good Games Chicago (Chicago, OH) Robert Agra
7/1/2018 US Nationals Nick Cummings
8/18/2018 Fantasy Games (South Bend, IN) Michael Tabler


2018 NA Eternal Weekend Byes Awarded

Agra Robert 0 1
Antrim Michael 2 0
Armstrong Joshua 1 0
Ayala Nikola 1 0
Berry Chris 1 0
Blamick Ryan 1 0
Brunswick Phillip 1 0
Byers Alex 1 0
Chatwood Edward 2 0
Chen Jeffrey 1 0
Coval Brian 1 0
Cummings Nick 0 1
Debrosky Eric 1 0
Dent Derrick 1 0
DiJohn Nicholas 0 1
Dilks Matthew 2 0
Ebady Amin 1 0
Fiedler Andrew 1 0
Finsley Toby 1 0
Fulks Franklin 1 0
Gaydos Robert 1 0
Gennari Justin 1 0
Hamilton John 1 0
Hannack Jon 0 1
Heinbach Derek 1 0
Hug Christoher 1 0
Johnson Richard 1 0
Kahla Sam 2 0
Kauffman Thomas 1 0
Keller Matt 1 0
Ketterer Dave 1 0
Kibner Alex 0 1
Knerr John 0 1
Laporte Jordan 1 0
Lentz Jared 0 1
Liu Benji 1 0
Murata Tony 1 0
Nguyen Minh 1 0
Osborne Scooter 1 0
Scheffenacker Michael 0 1
Schlichting Bill 1 0
Schorr Adam 1 0
Shay Rich 1 0
Steele Kelsey 1 0
Stone Jeffrey (Conor) 1 0
Tabler Michael 0 1
Tinney Bradley 1 0
Walsh Steve 0 1
Ward Christopher 1 0
Worthington Brian 1 0

If you've won an Eternal Weekend Trial and do not see your name, or if the number of byes/event is not correct, please email us at events@cardtitan.com.
Please allow 14 days from the date of the Trial for results to appear.